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Agreement could ease flooding

November 29, 2006

Albany--  Albany and Dougherty County survived two catastrophic floods in the 1990's. City leaders want to make sure we're prepared in the future.

For years, the city and county have worked with the US Geological Survey to develop models to predict which areas near the Flint River could be impacted by flood. Those models are helping develop measures to minimize potential flooding.  That includes things such as changes to the Oakridge Drive bridge opening and embankments.

The City of Albany's Engineering Department wants to enter into a new agreement with USGS to evaluate floodplain improvements further.

"They produced maps for our GIS system where we could see at one-foot increments at the river stage what areas would be inundated or flooded based on what the reading on the gauge was. Some very useful information for us to plan evacuations and get the word out as to what will flood, what won't flood," said City of Albany Civil Engineer and Project Manager Mike Talley.

The agreement would cost $190,000. USGS would pay half of that cost. The city and county would split the rest. Tuesday night, the city agreed to do that.



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