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Spay the strays

November 28, 2006

Albany - Did you know one in five Americans feeds stray cats? Are you one of them? If so, the Terrell County humane society has a deal for you.

They are offering reduced cost spaying or neutering, about 60 bucks, for cats that don't have homes, in order to help keep the population down in a humane way. They say you can also give the procedure as a gif to someone who can't afford to pay for it themselves.

Maria Burley says, "All they have is these stray cats. That's their reason for waking up in the morning. That's the only thing they have to look forward from morning until evening. They never will be lap kitties, they'll never lay in your lap and purr, but they have a connection with their care taker and it's so sweet to help these strays."

So far this year, 106 strays have been spayed or neutered. To find out how to have the procedure performed on a stray you care for, contact the Terrell County humane society.



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