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Pesky problem lands in Moultrie and won't leave

November 28, 2006

Moultrie-  There's an annoying problem in the skies over Moultrie that simply won't go away. More than a hundred black vultures have decided the Second Street Water Tower is the perfect place to roost.  The Moultrie Fire Department has tried everything from dousing the birds with water to laser guns to persuade the birds to find another home, but nothing has worked.

The Moultrie Fire Department has tried just about everything to get rid of some pesky, black vultures or turkey buzzards perched on the Second Street water tower, from a simple hammer, to the USDA's Star Wars weaponry.

"They brought in a laser gun, the USDA, and tried that and the bird do the same thing, they get up and fly off, then fly right back and roost again," said Captain Bill Johnson, Moultrie Fire Department. 

These endangered birds, just won't get the message.  Leave.

"They're ah, they're kind of hard headed," said Johnson.  "I just wish they'd leave because it's kind of scary," said neighbor Veirtha Moore.

Neighbors say they're worse in the afternoon and evening. One night the fire department counted as many as 225 on the water tower and they're concerned of the possible health risk of what that many birds might leave behind on the ground.

"The rain comes down and it might soak it into the soil and maybe contaminate the soil a little bit," said Johnson.

Complaints have been made about the droppings and feathers, but many say they don't trust these neighborhood invaders.

"They come down real low and lots of times I don't even let my grand-baby come out here in the yard and play unless I'm with her," said Moore.

The fire department has a few more ideas to try and neighbors hope they'll find a fix to send these unwelcome intruders packing. 

The Fire Department plans to look into motion activated sprinklers for the tower to possibly frighten the birds. They're also considering strobe lights, but they'll take any suggestions.  



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