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48th Soldiers in need of help this holiday

November 28, 2006

Albany-  Last year for Christmas, soldiers with the 48th Brigade were serving in Iraq. They're home this holiday, but now some need help to give their families a Merry Christmas. 

The Family Assistance Center at the Albany Armory has set up an adopt a family program. They're asking for monetary donations or gifts for soldier families who may be struggling this Christmas. 

"You have soldiers that are always in a flux as far as changing jobs, moving, things like that, so a lot of the soldiers we've identified as wanting to be a part of the adopt a family program are in that piece," said Captain Brian Lassetter, HHC 2-121st, Albany. 

Eleven families signed up for the assistance program so far at the Albany Armory. To make a donation or help fill a wish list contact Tinie Stringfield at the Albany Armory at (229) 483-7302.

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