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ViewPoint: Sunday Alcohol sales

November 28, 2006

I remember back in 2002 when Albany voters were told that Sunday Alcohol sales would help boost the economy.

The voters were promised this would absolutely only be allowed in Restaurants with at least 50 percent of their business coming from food or motels with 50 percent of their business in lodging.

Those promises undoubtedly convinced just enough voters to say yes to the Sunday sales.

Still only 53% said yes. And that 53 percent said yes because the city promised to limit the sales. I wonder if the referendum would have passed if the city leaders had told us, by the way, we won't require any proof from anyone that they are actually abiding by the 50 per cent rule.

I doubt it. City leaders, do your job.

Keep your promises, or the next time we are asked to vote on anything, we'll say no. We don't believe you.


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