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Restaurant takes healthy turn

November 27, 2006

Thomasville--  Nutritionists say this kind of difference in your diet could be life changing.   After surviving a heart attack earlier this year, Eddie Hampton knew he had to make some changes.     "I could've died. But I'm still here,"  he says.

He's not only still here, with the help of dieticians at Archbold Memorial Hospital, he's lost 100 pounds.    "These people here have really helped me with this. The dietician has put me on a good program, good nutritious foods and eating at the right amount, that's the key to it," Eddie says. 

Nutritionist Beth Lowe says the one of the biggest things you have to look out for are Trans-fats.  "Not only do they hurt the LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol, they also worsen your good cholesterol, your HDL. So transfats are the worst."   But if you eat out much, they're hard to avoid.

Lowe says, "The main places you'll find Trans-fatty acids are in your baked and fried goods, they're used a lot with these items because they provide a really nice texture and taste."

Starting this year the FDA now requires that the amount of transfat in packaged food be put on the food label. But restaurants aren't required to put this information on their menu. One restaurant though, is proudly letting its customers know- they don't use transfats. They're now cooking and deep-frying their food strictly in vegetable oil.

Mary Graham, the owner of the Market Diner Restaurant says, "this doesn't have anything added to it, and it's real good for your health"  And to her,  that's the most important thing.

"I have a lot of elderly people. I have them, 91, 93 and I want to keep them around a little longer," she says.

And as long as they keep coming back, Mary says she'll keep serving tasty, health-conscious food. 

Nutritionists say people who have high amounts of Trans-fats in their diets are at a much greater risk to have heart attacks, strokes, and cardiac disease.




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