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Salvation Army provides shelter and work

November 27, 2006

Albany--  The Salvation Army is finding it a little hard to get enough volunteer bell ringers this holiday season so the organization is looking within for help.

Volunteers from school groups and civic organizations aren't enough to man all the donation kettles. They're now paying people to ring the bells and their first choice is those who live in the Salvation Army shelters.

That includes people like Jessica Cooper who ended up at the Salvation Army after going 11 months without finding a job. She says she's thankful for a place to stay and holiday employment.

"It will forever be in my heart because I will not forget this," said Cooper.

Cooper says she already looks at the Salvation Army in a different light and will always find a way to give back once she gets on her feet.  She has big plans including being enrolled in school by this time next year.

To volunteer as a bell ringer, contact The Salvation Army at 229-435-1428.



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