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Georgia lawmaker wants to protect gun owners

November 24, 2006

Albany - - A Georgia lawmaker wants a law to protect your guns.

State Representative Bobby Franklin of Marietta wants to revise a state law so that the government cannot confiscate your gun during a state of emergency, unless it is needed as evidence in a criminal investigation.

Franklin also wants to make sure that gun owners wont have to register their guns during certain emergency conditions, like a disaster. 

"If somebody has proved to be a good citizen, they never committed a crime, never been violent or had a history of violence, they shouldn't have the right to take away their guns. That is the basis of our country, self-defense, being able to defend yourself if something were to happen," says Jason Sheffield of Dawson Road Jewelry & Pawn.

The would prevent what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina from happening in Georgia. In New Orleans, Federal marshals attempted to sweep the city of guns to prevent violence and, in some instances, took guns from law abiding citizens.


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