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Albany native appears on Montel Williams show

November 24, 2006

Albany - - An Albany native is gaining international exposure for a program she created when she was only 15 years old.

Haley Kilpatrick appeared on the Montel Williams Show Friday where she received a $20,000 grant to continue a mentoring program for middle school girls.  

Their eyes watch with anticipation as Haley Kilpatrick, founder and President of Girl Talk appears on national television.

Girl Talk is a mentoring program matching middle school girls with high school role models.

"They have a topic that you talk about each day. It could be make up to hygiene to how you present yourself to people and how girls should respect other girls and stuff like that," says Susan Lentz and Jetta Moore, 9th graders in the program.

It started at Deerfield Windsor Lower School five years ago and now it's gone global. The goal is to get Girl Talk up and running nationwide by the year 2010.

"We just started in Michigan, we're in Canada, the Virgin Islands and Zombia Africa as well so maybe even before 2010," says Haley Kilpatrick.

She is one of five women chosen out of thousands to appear on the Montel Williams Show and win $20,000 to continue work on their missions.

Deerfield Headmaster W.T. Henry remembers when it all started.

"She came to me with this plan and she explained it to me and I said Haley I'm not so sure, I've got to know more about this."

She tweaked her plan and it worked.

"I've seen it grow so much, it's just doing so much good in our school and I knew it had the potential with her leadership, she's just an awesome person," Henry says.

Montel Williams agreed, saying Haley should run for the U.S. Senate. 

For now, she's content doing what she loves....inspiring girls to reach their full potential and develop into successful women.

Something Haley accomplished at a very young age.  

Halley is a junior at Kennesaw State University. She's able to balance school work and running her non-profit organization.

For more information about Girl Talk, log on to her web site at



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