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So. Georgians pull out the wallet-- or the plastic

November 24, 2006
by Sarah Baldwin

Albany -- The best deals of Black Friday flew off the shelves fast Friday morning. TV's, laptops, and cameras were this year's big ticket items at stores like Circuit City.  Retailers were selling out of some sale items by the time the sun was up. 

Shoppers were out early this morning with one thing on their minds.   "I want good deals," said Ruchee Patel.  "Hopefully a good deal- on a TV."  

"Today's special," said Precious Jackson.  "After Thanksgiving sale!"

And most knew exactly what they were looking for. "A Samsung 52 inch TV," said Todd Fisher.

"Lots of stuff, everything," said Donna Trull.  "I've got computers, computer games, B-Box games, PS2 games.  You name it.  If it's a game we're looking for it."

Others couldn't quite make up their minds. "I really want this Nintendo disk but I really want that cell phone more," said Heather Cox.

From entertainment to Electronics, to appliances, shoppers kept employees busy. 

Some Circuit City employees started their day by 4:00AM. John Powers said,  "It's been kinda hectic since we came it.  It was a pretty big rush when we got here.  After that it slowed down around 9:00 but since then we've been steady."

Some items that were advertised at a special rate sold out within 30 minutes of the store opening, everything went quick.

Despite the mad rush though, most shoppers managed to find everything they were looking for.  "I actually waited late and tried to catch it right before it ended.  We didn't get here until about 10:30," said Richard Grant. "It worked out just fine."

And if bargain hunters can track them down, special sales will continue throughout this busy shopping weekend.   

Some of Circuit City's hottest items today were camcorders, MP3 players and cell phones.


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