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Salvation Army church and clients give thanks together

November 22, 2006

Albany -- There is much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve. Family, friends, good health. For some it's things more basic. A roof over their head, a warm meal, someone who cares about them. The Salvation Army provides all of those things. The group offered a dinner and fellowship and a Christian message to people in need Wednesday night.

The Salvation Army has given Antonia Cole many reasons to be thankful. He says it wasn't easy losing his job and and home three months ago, but that's when the charity came into his life and helped.

"To me when you don't have family in this town or any other town, and you have place to come to that's refuge. For me it's just like I'm still at home," said Antonia Cole.

Cole believes the events that led him to the Salvation Army were for a reason, at least it's the reason why he attends church there.

"I love every service I go to, every service I go to," said Cole.

The Salvation Army church is part of the mission of the organization. That mission is to feed, clothe, shelter the homeless, and spread a Christian message to people worldwide.

The message from God during Thanksgiving dinner came on stage from a performing arts group from California, that does Christian-themed plays.

"We thank the Lord for us being here to be able to perform for them to do plays that we hope will touch them in some way," said Jeremy Dietz.

Church pastor and organization administrator Brent Nevers says the Salvation Army will continue to provide these services to clients with help from the community.

"This community is very generous with their support," said Brent Nevers.

Support of the organization allows people like Antonia Cole get back on their feet and do their own community service.

"This is by far the most important thing I've been a part of. Salvation Army," said Cole.

The Salvation Army gives thanks to the community this Thanksgiving, and the community gives thanks back to them.

A free Thanksgiving Dinner will be served again at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving Day between 1 and 3 p.m.



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