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Retailers ready for holiday rush

November 22, 2006

Albany -- Albany retailers prepare early for the day after Thanksgiving shopping rush.

Target set out special displays Wednesday night, even though the products don't go on sale until early Friday at 6 a.m.

The store manager says he expects shoppers to empty some items off the shelves within five minutes of the store opening. The most popular items include the Nintendo Wii and Play Station 3 gaming systems.

It will be the store's biggest sales day so a lot of pre-planning is involved.

"First thing Friday morning the rush should be in, of course we will be so busy you can't do anything else. So we need to get it prepared tonight because of course we are closed tommorow. So we want to get it all out tonight and get it prepared," said Target store manager Lorenzo Keaton.

Every employee at Target, that's more than 100 people, will work Friday to ensure customers have a smooth shopping experience.



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