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Many roll with buses for holiday travel

November 22, 2006

Albany -- It was a long day of travel for millions of Americans. Albany's bus station was busier then normal Wednesday.

A lot of holiday travelers like the reasonable fares or the idea of letting someone else do the driving. The Greyhound ticket booth sold out every bus out of town since Monday afternoon and agents expect that to continue on Thanksgiving. Agents say they've had customers wait for hours before they were able to make it on a bus.

"Yesterday morning we had buses to overload on us and we had to call for two extra buses, and today we had to call in three extra buses," said Elaine Johnson

"It's affordable. As a college student it fits my budget and it's very affordable," said Eric Boyd.

Holiday ticket prices for Greyhound are $4 to $5  more than non-holiday time. Ticket agents say up to 3,000 tickets are sold a day during the week of holiday.



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