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Thanksgiving Day paper a record

November 22, 2006

Albany-- On your mark, get set, start the presses.  That's what workers at the Albany Herald are doing big time in preparation for a record Thanksgiving Day paper that dwarfs even the average Sunday paper.

"it doubles in size, this year were putting out three-hundred thousand more pieces than we did last year"said Albany Herald President Mike Gebhart. The size of this year's paper is mostly due to the infamous "Black Friday" effect, that has local and national retailers putting out more ad inserts than ever before, to get you in their door.

"it's just a huge day, that's distinguished in the retail world as being different because its the kickoff of the Christmas season"said Gephart. There is no doubt that Friday is a huge day for retailers, but just to prepare for the rush of advertising for the big day, the Albany Herald had to begin its preparations in mid-September to get the record five pound paper to your door.

"when you talk about doubling the size of a paper from two and a quarter or two and a half pounds to five pounds, you better be planning from the get go to make sure you dot your I's and cross your T's . So yeah, we have had a lot of meetings, a lot of logistics discussions to make sure everything comes off without a hitch"said Gebhart. 

Albany Herald President and publisher Mike Gebhart believes the large number of inserts in this year's paper will help readers better organize and plan their shopping agenda ahead of Friday's rush to the stores. "A lot of people I think are reading the paper on Thanksgiving Day, with shopping in mind, so the buying decision in many ways is made in the home prior to them going out to the stores"said Gephart.

So folks prepare to get an early workout by lifting a girthy paper to start your thanksgiving, before you add a little girth to the old waist line.

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