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Remerton's a small city with a big plan

November 22, 2006

Remerton - At 136 Acres, the city of Remerton may be small but it's thinking big.

With nearly one business per acre, the city has seen tremendous growth in the last two year since Mayor Peggy Siefert and City Manager Brian McDougal took office.  "It's been a pleasure to see the city grow, the amount that it has and the types of things we're doing to continue positive growth," says Mayor Peggy Siefert.

Although the last two years were prosperous years for Remerton, it's showing no signs of slowing down and planning big for the next two years.  "We know we are landlocked, we know we're small but that doesn't mean we have to stop what we are doing," Siefert adds.

They are currently renovating this old Harvey's grocery store to fit eight new retail suites.  "So different businesses, office professionals, some restaurants, nothing to announce per say.  Things are in pencil, not in ink."

The city's cornerstone will also receive a face lift.  Architects are planning to restore this 1899 cotton mill back to it's original glory while adding some new perks for local residents.  "The current plan is to put in a mix of retail, residential, and restaurant uses in the original mill structure," says City Manager Brian McDougal.

Last but certainly not least, they plan to transform this overgrown property into a beautiful park.  "The creek runs directly through it and we'll have a trail system and a bridge that transverses the creek," he says.

The city has also formed it's first Downtown Development Authority.  The seven member team will work to beautify the existing downtown area while bringing additional businesses in.

All this will be done with keeping the city's mill theme in mind.