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Garbage truck goes up in flames in Lee County

November 22, 2006

Lee County -- A garbage truck driver was hurt when his truck erupted in flames.

This is what's left of the Allied Waste garbage truck. About 1:45 people who live on Joe Toole Road in Lee County say a big explosion shook their homes.

 The truck suddenly caught fire with three men on board. The driver,  26-year old Adrian Moseley, suffered slight burns on his hands as he scrambled out of the burning cab.

 Allied Waste officials say they suspect a fuel line in the engine burst. The engine is partly under the garbage bin, so when it went up in flames,  the tightly compacted garbage inside the truck started burning.

Lee County firefighters had to peal away the garbage truck's shell to soak down the smoldering garbage.

Emergency responders had to block off the road until they could move the truck.


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