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New Albany Firefighter training opportunity

November 21, 2006

Albany -- The Albany Fire Department will start a new hiring and training program in January. Trainees will be able to earn a salary while they learn to become a certified firefighter.

The Albany Fire Department should have 151 certified firefighters on the job, but today there are nine open positions they can't fill.

That could be a safety issue during a big fire, so Chief James Carswell is starting a new firefighter trainee position to fill that gap. A trainee will be a 12 week temporary job that pays the employee to train as a firefighter eight hours a day. Chief James Carswell said "when they come out of the 12 week process, they'll not only have their state certification, but they will also be familiar with our equipment. And we can put them right on the back of the truck and be at that point productive members of our department."

 Carswell said the trainee will start earning a salary of about 25-thousand dollars a year. When they become certified it goes up to 31 thousand.

He says age or gender is not an issue, as long as you can pass the background check and do the job. Firefighters have to be team players, able to do mechanical work under pressure.

 But Carswell says this is a good opportunity for people wanting a special job to get their foot in the door.  Carswell "usually it has something to do with wanting to give back to the community. It's a nice feeling to be able to help somebody when they are in need. None of us expect to get rich doing it. "

Anyone interested in the firefighter trainee job can apply on line at the Albany City web site, or at the human resources office.


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