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Mediacom Vs Sinclair

November 21, 2006

Valdosta - A dispute between a cable company and a broadcasting company could mean some south Georgians won't receive all the channels they're used to.

Mediacom has not been able to reach an agreement with Sinclair Media Group to carry its stations.

Sinclair, which is the second largest broadcasting company in America demanded more money than mediacom is willing to pay.

If they don't make a deal by December 1st, Mediacom will drop all Sinclair owned stations.

If this happens, Valdosta will lose the NBC affiliate WTWC out of Tallahassee.  "That is absolutely the only thing we will lose. We have reached our agreement with every other station we broadcast. We hope this dispute is settled and we reach an agreement with Sinclair," said Don Zagorski, Regional Vice President for Mediacom.

WALB will not be affected if an agreement is not met.


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