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Like death and taxes, construction never ends

November 21, 2006

Lowndes County - Ken Irving has been driving trucks for 32 years. He drives his load between Atlanta and Florida so he's no stranger to Interstate 75.  "I drive it perhaps three or four times a week," Irving says.

This also means he and fellow drivers on a similar routes are familiar with the construction projects that plague the Interstate from Lowndes County to Lenox.  "It's just part of the game, part of the job.  You just have to pay more attention in those situations," Irving adds.

Mark Hayes agrees.  "You've got to be on your toes quite a bit because there are a lot of people, especially for the holidays."

Lowndes Countians have been living with the construction since 2002, when the Georgia Department of Transportation began the $82 million project to repave the highway between Valdosta and Adel and expand it from four to six lanes.

Now, almost five years later, the project has yet to be complete.  "It seems this is dragging on for to long.  They could have this cleared up in no time," Irving says.

The project was originally scheduled to be completed in September of 2004 but that date was pushed back when construction plans changed.  

It was pushed back again after the contracting company temporarily left to complete a new project in Turner County and again due to weather.

A new completion date was set for the end of this year but will most likely be pushed to spring, as a final layer of asphalt needs to be placed in temperatures over 60º.  "It looks like its going to be pretty nice once its done but big jobs take time and hopefully they'll have it done by next spring," Hayes.

But Lowndes Countians won't believe it, until they see it. Since the expansion project began in 2002, a new phase of construction has begun from Adel to Lenox. The project is slated to be finished in 2009.


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