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Students create a friendly message for soldiers

November 21, 2006
By Sarah Baldwin

Bainbridge -- When Kaye Forbes lost a loved one earlier this year in Iraq, she came up with the perfect idea to show support for the troops still there. "I thought it would be something really neat to do, and kind," says bus driver Kaye Forbes.

She asked the kids on her bus route to write letters and send pictures to the troops. They responded more than she could have hoped. "The whole bus participated and I was really excited and overwhelmed, I was touched by it," says Forbes.

And the kids, hope it will mean just as much to the troops who will receive their letters. "I know some of them that maybe doesn't have no family, it's gonna mean a lot to them," says Henry Graham.

"To all of you that feel that no one loves you, always remember that both me and God love you a lot," wrote Aurtisha Baxter in her letter. "I just want to thank you on behalf of all the people who ride bus 035" wrote James Zackery.

Kaye just has one wish.  She says, "I sure hope that we get a letter back from one of the troops. It would mean so much to the children."

For the kids, it's just about showing how they feel.   "We love our troops!" Sarah Reese exclaims.

Forbes says she hopes other bus drivers will adopt her idea. She plans to make the letter writing an annual project with the kids on her route.


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