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Don't be a victim of crime!

November 20, 2006

Albany--So what would you do if you found yourself staring down the barrel of a robber's gun?

Would you give in to the robber's demands or stand your ground?

News 10 talked to a police officer and a crime victim who refused to let a robber get away with his money.

This Lake Park community is normally peaceful, but what happened to one homeowner several months ago still haunts him to this day.

Nathan Davis, "I remember it like it was an hour ago."

Late one night as Albany city attorney Nathan Davis pulled into his driveway, he was accosted.

Nathan Davis, "Someone comes up and sticks a gun in my face and says give me your wallet."

Only Davis didn't comply with his attacker's demand. Instead:

Nathan Davis, "I decide after our conversation, I'll call it, to turn and run."

It's a move police don't recommend.

Lt. JC Phillips, "If you have somebody that's armed, you have no idea what their potential is or how desperate they are."

That's why Lt. JC Phillips with the Dougherty County Police Department says never fight or refuse your attacker's orders.

Lt. JC Phillips, "What you want to do is cooperate fully. You don't want to be a hero. No amount of money is worth your life.  Try and stay as calm as you can. You certainly don't want to upset the person."

Because any wrong move could prove fatal. And even Davis realizes that now.

Nathan Davis,"I'm obviously glad I came out okay, but I don't want to endorse that as the thing to do."

Police also suggest walking in groups if you have to be out at night when more crooks are out looking for victims.

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