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Suspect arrested for armed robbery

November 19, 2006

Dougherty County -- Police have arrested a man for robbing a convenience store clerk at gunpoint Saturday night.

Jay A. Rogers is at the Dougherty County Jail charged with armed robbery.

It happened before 5:00 Saturday afternoon at the Quick Buys in the 3500 block of Sylvester Road. The clerk on duty says Rogers came into the store dressed in a hoody, flashed a gun in her face and demanded money.

The clerked emptied the register and gave close to $150 to the gunman. She says she saw him get into a dually pick up truck and take off down Sylvester Road.

Later on police recovered that truck at the Kitty's Flea Market.

Police say Rogers was arrested at the Bench Warmer Bar on Oglethorpe Boulevard and taken to jail sometime after 10:00 pm Saturday.



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