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Red Kettle Kickoff is underway

November 17, 2006

Albany -- How much does it take to provide a happy Thanksgiving or a Merry Christmas? Not all that much. A nickel here or there really adds up for the folks who turn to the Salvation Army for a warm meal on those special days.

 You've seen the red kettles around before, but this year will you stop to drop your change?  

Just as the Salvation Army advisory board was announcing the kick-off of its annual Red Kettle campaign at the Albany Mall, members saw their first donor.   

 "I have always, because of the way I was raised, I have strived to raise my children to give to needy," said Aimee Jenkins.

And there are so many in need right here in South Georgia.   "There's lots of need so this money helps us help people around the holidays and throughout the rest of the year," said Kirk Wiles of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

But it doesn't take much of your change, to make a change.   "This is not big giving here at the kettles. This isn't where somebody writes us a big check, but it adds up,"  said Sgt. Brent Nevers of the Salvation Army.

Last year, more than $100,000 was collected, even after so many people donated to Hurricane Katrina efforts. So this year, Sgt. Brent Nevers is hoping folks will be even more generous.   "It adds up and it adds up to a substantial portion of our annual budget. Every nickel counts."

And by giving, you may get something back, or even pass a lesson along.   "It's about integrity and about character. We as parents try to raise our children with character. I hope what they gather from me, they'll be teaching to their own children when they're older."

Teaching a lot, about giving a little.   The money raised through red kettles pays for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, plus food and shelter throughout the year at the Salvation Army. Ninety percent of all donations stay here in Southwest Georgia.   

To find out where the kettles are, or to man a red kettle station, call the Salvation Army at 229-435-1428.   


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