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Three break-ins have the Thomas Co. Sheriff's office looking for a van

November 17, 2006

Thomas County-  Bold thieves break into three Thomas County homes in broad daylight this week.  Deputies are asking for your help finding a dark colored van used in all three burglaries.  Thomas County Sheriff's deputies believe that van could be from Grady County. They're warning residents to make sure their homes are secure before they leave for the day.   Neighbors are also encouraged to look out for each other.

Two home break-ins in Thomas County, and one inside the Thomasville city limits have the victims neighbors concerned.

"It makes me wonder, this neighborhood has been relatively crime free. We haven't had any problems," said Vernon Zick, a retired police officer.

Zick was shocked his neighbors home was burglarized. "I was at home at the time, I didn't hear or see a thing," said Zick.

The burglars are entering through open windows or breaking down doors in homes that are easy to access and out of sight.

"They try to park in the rear of the residence where no one can see them, once they get inside and they look, the coast is clear they don't see any traffic anyone out in the yard they can pull in pull behind the house they're safe," said Inv. Pascal Autrey, Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

One of the homes burglarized was a perfect target.  It's barely visible from the road making it easy to stay out of sight.  If you are not at home during the day, the best thing to do is ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your house.

"Don't think you don't want to get involved or whatever. Go ahead and call us because I'm sure you neighbor would appreciate it," said Autrey.

That is exactly what Zick plans to do.

"The words getting around and were trying to keep a eye out for suspicious vehicles and people in the area," said Zick.

Zick wants to start a neighborhood watch so he and his neighbors can look out for one another. 

The Thomas County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who sees that dark colored van or any suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood to call Crime Stoppers.  




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