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Remembering the Civil Rights Movement

November 16, 2006

Albany -- South Georgia civil rights pioneers were honored at an event Thursday night that celebrated the 8th anniversary of the Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum.

The celebration at Mt. Zion Baptist Church included a performance by the Museum's Freedom Singers, speeches on the Civil Rights Movement, awards, and dinner.

Reverend Horace Boyd of Shiloh Baptist Church was given the Trailblazer Award for helping lead the Civil Rights movement. It's a period of American history he's proud to have been a part of. "Didn't expect it, but I did render the service, open the door where the movement could take place, and I don't regret it," said Rev. Horace Boyd.

"It's so often people forget little things. At times we have to do things to make them remember, and to remember the struggle everyone went through, and why we're able to do certain things that we can now," said Sheridin Shedrick.

The Civil Rights Movement museum is run by community donations, volunteers, and a small staff.



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