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Georgia may consider new laws for drivers

 November 16, 2006

Moultrie-- Some Georgia lawmakers want to crack down on teenagers who talk on their cell phones while they drive. DeKalb County Representative Margaret Oliver wants to make it illegal for sixteen and seventeen year-olds to use a cell phone while driving.

She's also introducing another bill that would make it easier to charge any driver with "driving while distracted" if talking on a cell phone results in a wreck. Area law enforcers support the tougher laws.

"Anything to make the highways safer is fine with me, but if it is going to apply to one person it should apply to everybody, you just can't single one group out. Like with a sixteen or seventeen year old, what's the difference between that and a twenty, twenty one, or twenty two year old, they are still using cell phones and still distracted" said Colquitt County Sgt. Randy Stephens.

 Many lawmakers say cell phones are very popular and the bills will likely face a lot of opposition in the General Assembly.

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