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Fun Park murder remains unsolved

November 16, 2006

Douglas - - It's been almost two months since the shooting death of a Douglas sports park owner. It happened early one Wednesday morning and since that time investigators haven't publicly identified any suspects or motives of that shooting.

Employees at the sports park say much has changed in the way they do business. 

No one expected a fun park, drawing many kids and teenagers, would be the scene of a deadly shooting.

"I'm concerned if were safe in the job that we're doing because these persons have not been captured yet," says nearby convenience store Manager Patricia Tanner.

Many employees at Clyde's Convenience Store are worried.

"If the people are still looking for whoever did this. The police? Yeah," says store worker Gerri Harden.

Coffee County Sheriff's Deputies, who wouldn't go on camera at our request Thursday, say they are actively working on the case, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

They're not identifying any suspects.

Things have changed at the sports park where the murder happened.

"Just about anybody could walk in here at anytime," says Jon's Sports Park Manager Andy Freeman.

Visitors now have to stop at a shed and pre-pay before entering the park. When they leave, they must exit through a special gate.

Employees say the owner, Jon Worrell doesn't come by as much.

"He'll come up here for 5 to 10 minutes the most, then he's gone back home to take care of the kids," says employee Glidden Rodriguez.

They must go on operating as usual without the owners who they've grown to love.

"Churchgoing. I guess what you'd call a model family," Freeman says.

"This wasn't my boss, they took a family member away from me," Rodriguez says.

People here are hoping investigators will say something soon.

"Us as concerned citizens we'd like to know what's going on in our community," says Tanner.

A community that's just a little more cautious after a criminal took one of its own.  

Jon's sports park closed down after the murder for about a month. They re-opened October 20th.

The manager there believes the crime may be gang-related.


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