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Holiday Season = Crime Season

November 15, 2006

Albany -- It's the same every year.  The closer it gets to the holidays, the more criminals are on the lookout for good gifts that they don't have to pay for.

Albany police want you to be alert this holiday season, and say by taking just a few precautions you can be sure you really do have a Merry Christmas.     

TVs, jewelry, and toys, oh my, the joy of holiday shopping and stealing. Albany Police Lt. Ken Singleton says, "Always want to be aware of what's going on around you at all times."

Just as you're on the look out for the perfect gifts for loved ones, criminals are looking to steal them away from you. "This is the time of year that the opportunity for larcenies, different types of thefts, does increase," Singleton says.

Why?  Because everyone wants a happy holiday, even criminals and they don't mind stealing from stores, or you to get it.

Shoplifting season is in full swing at Sam's Club. "Sometime around November, so basically we get prepared for it around that time," said Sam's Club Business Manager Herbert Brown. 

And it's not just inside the stores that police are trying to cut down on thefts.  It's out in the parking lot too, in your personal vehicles, because if you leave your wallet just lying on the seat, you're begging for criminals to break in.

At Sam's they take steps to deter criminals, like hiring extra personnel and repositioning cameras to catch them in the act.  What else can you do?  Make sure you're alert.    

APD Officer Rufus Reed says, "Around the mall particularly."

Chances are very soon, you'll have a beautiful Christmas tree on display at your home and then you'll be stacking gifts underneath it and as tempting as it may be to display that tree, don't leave your windows wide open so thieves can peak in at your gifts.

Because you didn't buy them for the thieves, and you certainly don't want to give them easy access for the taking. 

And remember, lots of people save all year to buy that perfect, and expensive Christmas present.  Don't just leave your boxes stacked up near the garbage can so that thieves are aware of what is now inside your home.



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