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Georgia Giants in high demand

November 15, 2006

Alapaha - Ken's Hatchery and Fish Farm is a one stop shop for South Georgians interested in fishing.  "We make cages, everything!  Fish traps, feeders, so anything you need, we make it so you don't have a middle man to go to,"  says Jason Holyoak, Vice President of Ken's Hatchery.

They also stock a wide variety of fish for people interested in growing them.  "We have catfish, gambusia minnows, red minnows, coy, crappie, hybrid crappie."

After ten years of cross-breeding different stains of bream, they have produced a new fish that has pond owners calling from almost every state.  "They want them because they grow 400 time faster than any other break and we're the only place in the world you can get them."

Lovingly named Georgia Giants they say these fish are more aggressive, taste better, and grow three times as fast as the normal bream. 

The mini monster is a five pound Georgia Giant and holds the unofficial world record for being the largest.

But they hope a larger bream is lurking in these muddy waters.  "We never know what we're going to pull out.  We've pulled out some fish that have shocked us."

How do these bream get so big?  They say it's a mix between their water purifiers, home made fish food, and a special ingredient that keeps them on top.  "I can't tell you that.  It's a secret."

Jason and the Holyoak family are now working to develop more hybrid fish including a super bass and catfish.

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