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Georgia State Patrol SWAT trains in school

November 15, 2006

Leesburg -- The Georgia State Patrol SWAT team moves into the old elementary school in Leesburg.

A gunman has run into the building, and is waiting in ambush. The troopers must find him.

It's just an exercise, but the SWAT team came to this school building to prepare if they are called to a real school emergency. SWAT Commander Captain Bill Bryant said "we try to do realistic training, and using facilities like this help us to do that."

The SWAT team checks the basement for the gunman, then moves carefully up the stairs to the second floor. The troopers work together, every step coordinated to protect them. Bryant said "I call it blocking and tackling. We try to work on basic core skills as far as making room and building entries. You have to practice at that."

 The SWAT team works in this school, to be better prepared for any emergency, even a Columbine type attack. Trooper First Class Chadd Wilson said "if something like that did happen here in Georgia, Southwest Georgia, we would be able to respond to it. And hopefully prevent the bloodshed they had there."

 The SWAT team corners the gunman in this exercise in a closet at the top of the stairwell. The gunman is disabled by bullets to the shoulder, before he could get off a shot. The SWAT team discusses what they did right and wrong, and then get ready for another practice exercise.

Captain Bryant said "we hope we never have to use the team, but unfortunately in this day and time it's a reality that teams like this are necessary." Using the former school to be prepare, in case they are called to a real school emergency.

The members of the Georgia State Patrol SWAT team are all volunteers. They do trooper duty on the road most days, but are on called to help in smaller counties that do not have special weapons law enforcement.


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