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The old Heritage House Hotel will be restored

November 14, 2006

Albany - An old Albany hotel, ruined by years of neglect and vandalism is being restored. The Heritage House Hotel has been shut down for 10 years. In that time, vagrants and vandals have seriously damaged the building, ripping out wires and stealing any valuables.

Now, it's being torn apart, and restored into a new hotel and conference center. McCray and McCray of Albany is stripping the hotel to so it can be rebuilt. Building Supervisor Ricky Bryant says, "Tearing all the way down to a bare minimum and coming back with new walls, new everything." Because the structure itself is fine? "Very sound, very sound."

Any items remaining in the old hotel must go. Old bed frames, mattresses, chairs and dressers are being sold. If you are interested in purchasing any of the furniture, just go by the Heritage House.



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