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Defendants testify to their innocence

November 13, 2006

Albany ---   Both Albany Marine reservists on trial for shooting a pizza delivery man ten times in the back, took the stand Monday to proclaim their innocence.

Twenty-two-year old Navarro Brinson and 20-year-old Temyrance Johnson both testified, and then were cross examined by both the prosecution and lawyers representing the other man charged in the murder.

Brinson denied shooting 18-year-old Demarcus Waddell last November in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut on Dawson Road, where he worked. 

Experts have testified Brinson's pistol was used to gun down Waddell.  Brinson said the gun was stolen from his car shortly before the murder. 

Prosecutors say Johnson and Waddell were both involved with the same woman, and Waddell was killed in a love triangle. The trial is expected to go to the jury late Tuesday afternoon.



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