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Young boy home after brain surgery

November 12, 2006

Albany - - When illness hits our loved ones, it can be a heart-wrenching time for anyone, especially when that loved one is five.

Mason Davis is home this week after having extensive brain surgery at a children's hospital in Florida. For the family, it's been a long and hard road. A South Georgia woman is doing something to help and she's asking for you to support her.  

Five-year-old Mason is just like any child his age. He enjoys a Sunday evening at the playground and playing with his siblings. But unlike many children, Mason is in and out of the hospital. "It's just a part of our life," says his mom Tonia Davis.

Both his parents have missed numerous days of work caring for him. "We go back and forth to Egelstein every three months for botox injections in his arm and his leg for the right sided weakness he has. Our neurologist prior to this surgery is in Pensacola so we've been going back and forth to him every three to six months."

As a baby he was misdiagnosed with erb's palsy but after Mason couldn't walk or talk at age two, his parents knew it was something more serious.

A brain defect causes him to suffer severe seizures. He's had 15 to 20 of them. The first was the worst.

"He was sitting in his daddy's lap about to eat supper. We thought he was just looking up at the ceiling fan, you know babies like to look at ceiling fans and all of a sudden we realized he wasn't just looking up at the light. His lips were blue, he was limp as a dishrag, we just put him in the car and headed straight to Phoebe."

It was the first of many hospital visits.

Jill Barlow with StrongTower Promotions wants to help the family with all of its medical bills. She's organizing a Christian music concert.

"Music is universal. Everyone listens to music. You have the radio in your car. People listen to music at home. I enjoy music. I think it's a good way to get people together."

All of the money raised will go to Mason's family and two other families suffering with similar issues.

Mason, just back from brain surgery in Florida, doesn't understand the concept but his family sees it as a big help for the $500,000 in medical bills they've accumulated. Tonia doesn't complain. She leans on God for strength.

"He brought us this far and I just feel like he'll see us through."

Through the troubles, they're praying won't last always.  

The concert will be held next Saturday, November 18th at The Fish Camp on Gillionville Road at 4PM. It will include all types of music ranging from Southern Gospel, teenage rock, hymns and acoustics.

The concert is free. You're just asked to bring a donation. If you can't make the concert, but still want to donate, you can reach Barlow at


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