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Colquitt celebrates big day

November 11, 2006

Albany --One south Georgia city is getting old, but that just gives residents another reason to be proud. Colquitt is already named Georgia's First Mural City, and now gains recognition for turning 150 years old.

Hundreds celebrated in town square Saturday.

Children sang happy birthday and there was a big birthday cake.

"It is good," said Josh Grimsley.

A street festival in downtown Colquitt commemorated the 150 years of rich history of the city.

"Today is a special day because it brings back memories of growing up and we used to have fall festivals up here on the square," said Lori Burke.

A square that's seen many changes through the years, so says the oldest living resident of Colquitt. Ninety-six year-old Tom Davis remembers when things moved just a little more slowly.

"When I first got here it was strictly horse and buggy," said Tom Davis.

Life was a little cheaper too.

"The price of gasoline used to be 20 cents a gallon, and now it's considerably more than that," said Davis.

Live entertainment has changed since the old days. One talent show performed did a modern dance to Usher's hit song "Yeah."

"Do I think I can move like that? Oh I can bust a move yeah, but I can't move like that," said city councilman James Phillips.

One thing that remains in Colquitt is a deep sense of pride community members share. Native Lori Burke brought her family to enjoy the birthday celebration.

"I love it, I love it a lot," said Lori Burke.

"I love everybody in Miller County," said 18-year-old Kayla Fountain.

Residents here will love their city for many more years to come.

Colquitt's courthouse has burned three times in the past. The most recent in 1974. A claim to fame the city has is it's the Mayhaw capital of the world.



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