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A proud salute to our veterans

November 11, 2006

Albany -- Veterans and military supporters gather at Albany's American Legion Post 30 bright and early this morning to begin celebrating Veteran's day. It started with the flag raising, followed by memorial celebrations throughout town.

Despite the negative view of the current war in Iraq from some Americans, military vets say it's important to honor those fighting for our freedom.

For current commander Nick Nicholson of American Legion Post 30, this is symbolic of the sacrifice millions have made for our country's freedom. "This flag means a lot and the people that died to keep this flag flying, freedom, it's mmeasurable," said Nick Nicholson.

Immeasurable service not every American is called to do. Nicholson served our nation overseas in places like Korea, Africa, and he was a Marine platoon sergeant during Vietnam. He says the battle for freedom is never over, which is why our troops are at war right now.

"Freedom is not free is a quote we've often heard. Freedom is also not very common," said Captain Steve Butler of the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

Political analysts say the Iraq War swayed voters to shift power from Republicans to the Democratics in this past mid-term election, but veterans believe Americans should show appreciation for their freedom, by showing their support.

"We've got to establish something over there. We've got to stay, our troops have to stay until we've done the job, and I think they're doing the job, I know they are," said Don Norman.

"Regardless of who we elect, the people speak, and we have that freedom and the men that died to support that freedom is what it's all about," said Nicholson.

Today Americans are free to pray, honor, and raise the red, white and blue for our military veterans.

"We gather together on this day at the 11th hour of the 11th month on the 11th day to remember those veterans who have given it all," said Nick Nicholson.

Veterans who have given it all, and active military members are honored today. Honored here on Earth, and some in eternity.

Veterans or Armistice Day marks the end of World War I on November 11, 1918, at 11 oclock that day. The armistice was signed in France between the Allies and Germany.

The flag at Albany's American Legion was raised at 7 this morning to commemorate the very same time the fighting stopped 88 years ago.

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