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Man wanted for carjacking incident

November 10, 2006

Albany -- Albany Police are looking for a suspect in violent east Albany crime spree last night that included two armed robberies and two carjackings within an hour.

Police think 26-year-old Kelvin Montrez Leroy carjacked a victim at Heritage Bank on Loftus Drive Thursday night and may be responsible for the other crimes.

The latest statistics show more crimes committed in that part of Albany than any other section of the city, and that includes a rash of car thefts.

Community members are worried, but police say they're cracking down.

Lisa Gordan says she keeps a watchful eye out for suspicious activity when she's outside on her street. While there haven't been any major incidents near her home, right up the road it's a different story.

"I know that area is right down the street and I'm very concerned because it could have happened to me," said Lisa Gordan.

Gordan is talking about the carjacking at gunpoint that happened off Brierwood Road at Quail Call apartment complex Thursday night.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone, but especially here if I have to live here," said Gordan.

Through September violent crime in Albany is up 6% over last year and property crimes are up almost 17%. In the last two weeks of October, more crimes were reported in District 4 -- that's east Albany -- than any other part of the city. That included eight car thefts there in one week. Police say they're working to secure that district.

"We see that's a problem in that area so we kind of shift our special detail units and flood that area. That was one reason we were able to get a name of a suspect real quickly," said Lt. James Williams.

Lieutenant James Williams says the department is making more arrests because they've increased patrols on the East side. It also helps when the community is more active in reporting crime.

Gordan says she sees police patrolling her street regularly, and she hopes they continue to rake in the criminals.

"Knowing that they are out and about just in case something do tip off close by they are close and they can help out," said Gordan.

Residents here say the criminals need to be stopped. So the public needs to help police catch suspected criminals.

Some crime victims say they wish police would do more to update them on specific investigations. Lt. Williams says the department is working to do that.



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