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East Albany community forms watch group

November 10, 2006

Albany--People in East Albany are fed up with crime.

They're planning to organize a watch group and will meet with city leaders and Albany Police this Saturday in hopes of putting an end to the crime that plagues their community.

Colonial Village may look crime-free, but think again.

Harold Williams: "We just had stuff stolen at my house and six other neighbors had stuff stolen."

Harold Williams has called east Albany home for more than thirty years. To keep his belongings from disappearing, he's forced to bolt them down.

Harold Williams: "When they come take something from you, it makes you feel real bad."

And even angry. Williams is now spear-heading a neighborhood watch group.

Harold Williams: "What we're trying to now is encourage everybody in East Albany to come in and be with us, if they're not organized to get organized."

He hopes these blue uniforms will warn criminals to stay away.

Harold Williams: "I will be patrolling this area mornings and late afternoons."

Johnnie Tumblin:"Loud noises, I look out my window and see what's going on. If it don't look right, I'm going to call police."

Watch member Johnnie Tumblin wears her uniform proudly. Several years ago her car was broken into, her money stolen.

Johnnie Tumblin:"If I catch anybody in my car, it's going to be a bad day."

She and Williams are encouraging others to help fight crime in their community.

Johnnie Tumblin: "If everybody gets involved, it'll help them in their neighborhood. If they go out of town, they won't have to worry."

Harold Williams:"Hopefully, this will let them know that they just can't come in here and do things."

East Albany residents are hoping for a big turnout for tomorrow's crime watch meeting.

It will be held at 5 PM at the Community Policing Center located on East Oglethorpe Boulevard.

If you'd like to attend the meeting, but need a ride, you can call Harold Williams at 894-2772.

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