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Flags and crosses honor Grady County's fallen heroes

November 10, 2006

Cairo-  More than 60 crosses and flag drape Broad Street in Cairo to honor Grady County's Veterans. While the county hasn't lost any troops since Vietnam, this Veterans Day they're honoring the sacrifices of those that served so long ago.

Crosses shrouded in the American flag mark Grady County's sacrifice on battlefields across the world.

"This is put up here for the men that died of wounds overseas or were captured and not returned or anything like that," said Ben Celaya, Tribute Organizer.

It's an effort, championed by Ben Celaya, a veteran himself, who wanted to honor Grady County's fallen heroes. One of his duties in the National Guard was to inform families that their loved ones weren't coming back from battle.

"I'm very sentimental and I had to cry with them too because I could understand what they were going through," said Celaya.

There are 64 memorials along Broad Street one of them serves as a memorial to a friend. "He was killed on hill 125 and ah after, he was killed by German 88 millimeter Howitzers on half tracks," said Bill Bishop, a WW II Veteran.

Bill Bishop served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, 505 Regiment, and was one of the first on the beach at Normandy during World War Two.

"He gave all he had and he was just a boy when he went into the service," said Evelyn Bishop, Tribute Co-organizer.

Bishop gets choked up when remembering what friends like Trafford Williams or the Oates brothers sacrificed and says their actions were heroic.

"You think back, we had the best, we were the best, we didn't take no for an answer," said Bishop.

He hopes these flags serve as a reminder to others that they won't forget what our soldiers continue to fight for, freedom.

Grady County will hold its Veterans Day Service Saturday, November 11th at 11:00 a.m. on the front lawn of the Grady County Courthouse.

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