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Red light cams soon to start

November 10, 2006

Albany -- Albany police will soon start ticketing drivers who are caught on camera running red lights.   Five cameras were installed in August at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Pine Avenue.      

Currently, several traffic engineering employees are undergoing special training on the state's Crime Information System.   The system will enable the three city workers to closely monitor activity on the cameras. 

City engineering director Bob Alexander expects the employees to be certified in the system in two weeks and begin working closely with the Albany Police Department to bust traffic violators.      

He hopes to have the cameras monitoring traffic and looking out for your safety by early January. "I think once people understand that these laws are being enforced, then people won't take as many risks as they are today which will make the community a lot safer."     

The city received a $140,000 grant from the state's department of transportation to fund the street cameras.     

Funds generated by the cameras will go toward traffic safety awareness programs.



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