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Rising star returns to Valdosta

November 10, 2006

Valdosta - A Valdosta man who left a few years ago for college, returns tonight on a tour bus.

Steven Hall moved to Nashville last year to pursue a career in country music.

Now, he has a CD, is co-owner of his own record label, and opening for bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Tonight he's playing the largest concert of his career at Mathis City Auditorium in Valdosta.

Hall says although he's excited to play in such a large venue, he's even more excited to play for friends and family who have supported him for so long.  "My teachers would tell me, your going to be there some day and I'm going to come see you because you're going to be a big country star. I'm not at the country star level but I've been in contact with those teachers and they're going to be here to see me tonight," says Country musician Steven Hall.

Hall says he's talking to some big name record labels and hope to have a music video soon.  The concert starts tonight at 7:00PM at Mathis City Auditorium.

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