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Three Camilla residents carjacked at gunpoint, suspect at large

November 9, 2006

Camilla-  Camilla Police are asking for the community's help to catch a dangerous carjacker who threatened at least three people at gunpoint. A juvenile accomplice has already been caught and will be charged as an adult for the crimes.

Three carjackings, two of which were successful, have Camilla police warning people to be careful in their own yards. They started two weeks ago on Court Street.

"A lady pulled up in her yard. Two black males came up to her as she was getting out of her vehicle, one of them stuck a gun in her face," said Lt. Vernon Nobles, Camilla Chief Investigator.

After stealing the woman's purse and car the suspects traveled across town to Robinson Street where they approached a man working in his yard.

"He said I want to use your telephone. I said, listen I'm not going to let nobody make a long distance call on my telephone. He said, I don't want your damn telephone, I want your damn money. He came out with, he wheeled around, and he came out with his gun right on me," said Clinton Wimberly Jr.

Wimberly had been working on his utility house, his keys and wallet, inside. He convinced the men to let him go inside. With one of the men following him, quick thinking may have saved his life.

"Just as I got to the door I pulled that door against the other gentleman and locked that door and hollered, call the cops, call the law, call the law," said Wimberly. 

Police responded. The two got away and car jacked another vehicle stopping the homeowners as they arrived at this home on Kennedy. Police eventually caught up with one of the suspects a 16 year old.

"All we can determine at this time is they were joy riding in them, we don't know why," said Nobles.

The juvenile will be tried as an adult, but police are still searching for the other suspect, 17 year old Damian Donaldson. Investigators believe he's living somewhere between Camilla and Albany.

Wimberly is now locking his doors and hopes Donaldson is caught soon.

"Don't stop until you find the other one," urged Wimberly.

Until then, people working in their yards are urged to be cautious and keep an eye on their surroundings.

The juvenile suspect had just been released that morning from the juvenile justice center, where he served time for similar auto crimes. He is being held without bond pending an appearance in Superior Court.  



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