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Piece of the cosmos in Valdosta?

November 9, 2006

Valdosta - Astronomers at Valdosta State University are studying a rock they believe could be a meteorite.

The rock was brought in by two Valdosta residents who say they saw a blue light and the rock fall out of the sky, almost hitting their car.

Professor Martha Leake says the rock is magnetic and has a ragged texture and odd density.  She is currently testing the rock for nickel, iron, and other components usually found in meteorites.

If the tests come back positive, she says the meteorite will most likely bare the name of Valdosta.  "The meteorites are usually named for the place they are found. This is Henbury Australia, Odessa Texas and if it's found here in Valdosta, it could be called the Valdosta Georgia Meteorite," says Professor Leake.

They expect the test results to come back in a month.

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