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Program can help you weatherize your home

November 8, 2006

Albany--  We've already had a taste of winter-like temperatures this fall and it's only going to get colder. That could mean higher utility bills.  The city of Albany has a special program to help you make your home more energy efficient.

Janie Muldrow can now walk through her Southeast Albany home with a little more comfort. Recent changes gave her new piece of mind.

"I appreciate it so much. I really do," said Muldrow. She has new doors in the front and back of her home along with new windows in her dining room. "And they are good ones!," said Muldrow.

Good and free, thanks to the city of Albany's Weatherization Assistance Program.

"Weatherization works," said Weatherization Coordinator Geraldine Fletcher. So far the program has worked for close to 1,000 people in Dougherty County.  Low-income households can get their homes to a more energy-efficient level.

But program coordinator Geraldine Fletcher says it's about more than replacing doors and windows.  They take the whole house approach. "We need to seal the cracks. We need to put insulation in the attic and the walls. We need to check the ducts," said Fletcher.

However, all of that takes federal funding.  Right now, there isn't a whole lot to go around each year so they have to prioritize who gets assistance. "We try to take the elderly first and the handicapped and then we go from there," said Fletcher.

If approved, a home can be weatherized in as little as a week's time.  That's when homeowners can begin keeping more heat in their homes and more money in their pockets. Muldrow says she already feels and sees a difference in her utility costs and every little bit counts.

"It does," laughs Muldrow. She says so much was done to make her home energy efficient that she can't even begin to remember every single change.

"Well they may have done some more but baby? I sure can't think like I used to," said Muldrow. But she sure is thankful.  Her home, now much warmer against the winter.

The Weatherization Assistance Program started in Dougherty County in 1989. It  can reduce an average home's energy costs by more than $350 annually. To find out if you qualify for help, call Geraldine Fletcher at 229-430-5283.  



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