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Lifesaving jobs are also sometimes life changing

November 8, 2006

Albany - Everyday, EMT's put their lives on the line to help out those in need. Sometimes their response can be lifesaving, sometimes life changing.

A pair of Albany paramedics met a special Albany couple on an emergency call. And were touched by that couple's bond.

In the 12 years John Stewart has worked as a medic, he's been on lots of calls.  He says, "Trauma calls, medical calls and people who just need a helping hand."

And sometimes, people need folks like John and his partner Mark Spriggle to lend them an ear. "People just need somebody to talk to sometimes."

Especially the elderly. "There's a lot of elderly people in Dougherty County," says Spriggle, "They can't do for themselves, simple things help them."

Simple things, like being able to rock on the front porch. "Rocking chair, alright." It's something 102 year old Willie Greene really enjoys. You like that? "Sure do," he says.

But Mr. Greene and his 98-year old wife weren't able to rock on their porch. They didn't have rocking chairs, and certainly weren't able to go out and get them on their own. So John and Mark did it themselves. "If I can do something, something small like I did, it gives me a real good feeling," says Mark. John adds, "I just love helping people and serving the community."

Serving selflessly. As a matter of fact, when the two EMT's learned we found out about their good deed, they weren't very excited.  Mark says, "It was an opportunity to help somebody. We didn't do it for the recognition. As a matter of fact, we're not sure how it got out."

While this situation may be unique, similar acts by medics are not. It may be their job to save lives, but it's their life calling to help people in need. John says, "Makes us feel good."  Mark says, "I feel like it's the whole service that should get the recognition for it 'cause, we're not the only ones."

But they are the ones who made a difference to Mr. Greene, who is now rocking in his golden years.  You may have noticed one of those rocking chairs was empty, that's because Mr. Greene's wife has been in the hospital with pneumonia. She is recovering and is expected to be rocking away on their porch very soon.



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