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Operation One Voice brings runners to South Georgia

November 8, 2006

Albany - - It's a horror of war. Troops die in the line of duty leaving struggling families behind.

Some police officers, firefighters, and other volunteers are doing something to help those families.

They're running 600 miles to raise money for the children of fallen special operations forces. It's called Operation One Voice.  

They're braving the heat, cold, and everything in between to reach their goal.

"We started out in pouring freezing rain. We got in and out of the bus a couple times and kept running but the people you're with and the cause you're running for make it all worthwhile," says runner Carolyn Salvador.

Law enforcement officers, firefighters, and friends started running Tuesday from Atlanta. They're headed to Tampa to raise money for children of Special Operations forces killed in duty.

"The tragic side to the war where children are without their parents due to circumstances that are beyond their control, so anything we can do to negate some of that by giving them a life through college tuition is something we all can grab onto," says Albany Fire Chief James Carswell.

Members of the Marine Corp Logistics Base welcomed the runners into town by running with them through downtown Albany. The goal - to raise $100 ,000 for college scholarships.

Wednesday, students at Deerfield elementary donated $500. The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office and Sam's Club of Albany contributed a total of $2,000.

With that kind of money coming, runners say they're willing to combine their passion with a good cause.

"Runners, we run everyday in bad weather and it's for no cause other than our own personal fitness."

Albany Mayor Willie Adams motivated them to stay the course.

"Run with pride, run with vigor, run with encouragement, and run with Godspeed. Thank you very much."

Something that will stick as they stride to Florida...step by step.

The city of Albany issued a proclamation declaring November 8th Operation One Voice day.

Organizers say members of the Special Operation Forces are 15 times more likely to die in combat than an average solider.

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