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Brooks County Commission seat decided by one vote

November 8, 2006

Brooks County - During election time, you always hear that every vote counts.

This saying took a whole new meaning during the race for the District 1 County Commission Seat in Brooks County.  "I don't think in a general election, having it this close in this area, I can't recall this ever happening," says Independent Candidate David Ragsdale.

When the votes were counted last night, County Commissioner Wayne Carroll and challenger David Ragsdale ended up with 318 votes each. They tied.

The race came down to one provisional ballot that wasn't counted until this morning.  "There was one other ballot they had to open this morning and that ballot came in on our side so it gave us 319," Ragsdale adds.

"I want to congratulate Mr. Ragsdale on behalf of winning the election.  He worked hard, his crew worked hard and he did a great job.  To tell you it's not a shock, it's a shock but hey, that's part of politics.  I've enjoyed 24 years of it and I wish him 24 year," Wayne Carroll says.

Ragsdale will now begin working to strengthen the economy in Brooks County.  " In the last 6 years, we've had a negative 1% growth .  We've lost 258 jobs in Brooks County and we've got to get out there and get some industry hear and jobs in Brooks County," Ragsdale says.

A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there is some question in regards to a voter's eligibility.

In District 1 of Brooks County, the provisional ballot was due to a mix up in recording the voters proper voting precinct.


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