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Seminole Co. man charged in murder for hire plot

November 7, 2006

Seminole County-  A Seminole County man is facing felony charges in two states for raping his then 14 year old step daughter and now attempting to have her killed. Fifty one year old Roy Holt is jailed in Illinois after the hit man he hired to kill his stepdaughter turned him in.

It was in one of three trailers outside Iron City owned by Roy Holt that he's accused of molesting his then 14 year old step daughter several years ago. Allegations came to light, just months ago.

"She had told a friend and the friend reported this to the Department of Child and Family Services who in turn reported it to us," said Inv. Dale Swanner, Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Local investigators believe those allegations may have prompted Roy Holt's recent trip to visit family in Duquoin, Illinois with his wife, who is the girl's mother, and his step daughter's baby.

"The baby was born out of this molestation and was actually nine months old when it was first reported to DFACS," said Swanner. 

It was in Duquoin that Holt approached a man about a murder for hire plot against his now 16 year old step daughter.

"He had supplied information to this individual, had supplied him with a firearm to commit the crime with, and had gone as far as to give him directions as to where to dump the body at," said Swanner.

Investigators say Holt wanted the girl dead because of recent evidence Holt found proving he was her baby's father. Investigators here believe the 16 year old wouldn't be alive had the potential hit man not come forward.

"If he had not come forward, we quite possibly could have been working a homicide right now," said Swanner.

Roy Holt is being held in Illinois on solicitation of murder for hire, a felony, and is also charged in Seminole County with statutory rape. The Decatur County Sheriff's office expects more charges to come as the investigation progresses.

Seminole Investigators say charges could also be filed against the girl's mother Saralyn Holt. She remains in Illinois but is wanted for questioning in the case.




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