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Caps for the Capitol

November 7, 2006

Valdosta - When Mary Bahl began teaching Political Science for the South Georgia College Entry Program, she had a lesson to teach her students.  "Politics and political science is not just about voting and politicians and things of that nature. You can also affect a change on a personal note," she says.

So help her students see that they can make a difference, she got the students involved in the Caps for the Capitol program.  The program is aimed to help the 2 million newborns around the world each year who die in their first 24 hours from simple problems like keeping warm.  "So because of the death rate being so high not only in the United States but 3rd World Countries, we want to get the president involved and get focused because this is a serious problem," says Belinda Hunt, a student in Bahl's PoliSci Class

Once the caps are made, they will be sent to the president before being distributed around the world.

The simple task of making these small hats have helped the students to see the bigger picture. It's inspired many of them to get involved in politics and get out and vote."So they are more involved and they're more interested in what's going on," Bahl says.

Hunt agrees.  "It's actually broadened my mind to a bunch of issues with the government and definitely gotten me more involved."

The project has also inspired some students to search for other ways to get involved outside of the class.  "I'll keep doing this and I'll try to find something else to do as well," says student Randy Stone.

The students will be sending off their hats in the next month.

The caps will be delivered to President Bush in January in hopes that he can pencil in some extra funding for charity programs in the annual budget.

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