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Weather doesn't hinder voters

November 7, 2006

Albany -- Voting continues at a steady pace around Southwest Georgia on this election day. Here in Albany, Election Registrar Carolyn Hatcher says the turnout has been the best they've seen since the presidential election.

With so many important races taking place today and the number of amendments on the ballot, lines have been  longer and moving a bit slower.

Even with overcast skies today, voters have 'elected' not to stay at home due to weather conditions.  Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Taylor voted this morning in Albany.  

Lt. Governor Taylor and his wife Sacha voted about 11:00 this morning at the Beattie Road Church of Christ precinct.

There was a heavy turnout of voters at that poll, and Taylor had to wait more than 15 minutes to cast his ballot. Taylor said he feels confident because of that heavy turnout.

Taylor will spend most of the day in Albany campaigning, and then watch the returns tonight in Atlanta. The polls will remain open until 7:00PM, and of course, WALB News 10 will carry all the election  returns during the night.



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