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Dougherty Co. Police car damaged in deer collision

November 6, 2006

Albany -- Police report an alarming increase in the number of car deer collisions on South Georgia roads.

In fact, a Dougherty County Police car was damaged when it struck a deer Friday night on Cordele Road. The 2006 Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser sustained damage to its front grill, hood, and headlight.

Officers admit there is not much a motorist can do to avoid a deer that darts out in front of your car.

Captain R. W. Jennings said, "This is the time of the year that the deer are moving. We usually have two or three deer car collisions a week, but last week we had seven. Just need to slow down."

Dougherty County Police say no one was injured in the deer car collisions last week.

They have not received an estimate yet on the damage to their patrol car.


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